17 March 2014

Diving Solo and Shooting Supermacro on the Big Coral Knoll

Lennon came by for his bag at 6:45 am, so I got down to the beach kind of early.  Decided to shoot supermacro today since I expected rough surf and not much visibility.  I was not disappointed.

I got some good shots of Knobby Sea Rods, including this shot,

as well as a got a few good shots of a couple of Seaweed Blennys.

I got some shots of Red Boring Sponge, but can't say that the +10 diopter really helped.  In fact, I think I liked the photos using just the 100 mm macro lens.

I found and photographed some Mat Zoanthid that had wormed its way into a patch of Giant Star Coral

and got a nice close up of some Great Star Coral.

If you look closely at this photo of a Flamingo Tongue, you can see the antenna coming out of the animal.  I had hoped the + 10 diopter would get a better shot.

Of course, I also got a whole lot of blurred or badly exposed shots, but there is no reason to keep those.  

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