19 March 2014

Solo Dive to the Fish Camp Rocks

This morning was much nicer than yesterday, but it was still cool.  I geared up, including wearing the Lavacore suit, and got in.  The water felt warmer, but my computer says it was not.  I swam out to the concrete blocks and descended.  Went up the gunsight to the Mid-Way Rock and then continued East to the Fish Camp Rocks.  Lots of fish.

Just West of Irish Thighs I spotted this Warty Sea Rod.

Also found this Red-Tipped Fireworm.

This Spotted Goatfish swam to me, apparently looking for a place to sleep.

This Black Margate swam under one of the Mountainous Coral.

This Atlantic Spadefish and two others swam over the Rocks.

Check out the coloring on this Sharpnose Puffer.

Lots of Midnight Parrotfish at the Rocks.
I did better on my air usage getting a RMV rate of .45 ft3/ min.  Total time was 111 minutes.  Yesterday was .48 ft3/min and 97 minutes.  Like yesterday, I dropped on the blocks and headed up the gunsight to the cigar rock and then the Gray Mid-way rock.  This time, though, I continued heading East up to the Fish Camp Rocks.

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