06 June 2011

Used the Zuma Pro again and am really getting to like it. I headed due East from the shower just North of Tower 19. On the sand I found a few of the Amphipod holes and got some shots. I saw a little Green Turtle just as I got to the reef and swam after him to get a few pictures, but the pictures were not well exposed. I need to work on setting the strobe on the fly, as it were.

I continued to the East, but the current set me a bit. I found some Shark's Rock like rocks, which were off Tower 20 when I surfaced to look. I don't remember them as the Octopus Rock, but it could have been. It was on the Northern edge of the Staghorn Coral Forest. I continued on to the ledge and then went South looking for the medieval coral supports and rocks from yesterday. I found nothing, but I did come back through a part of the staghorn coral.

I got my tank changed and swallowed the rest of my coffee, so I could get to the flag before it disappeared for ever. While the surface interval was 23 mintues, it included my swim out to the middle of the reef where the reel caught on a sea rod. Anyway, I descended and headed to the Eastern edge of the reef. I was not able to find the large rock I found on my first dive, but I did find a Blue Cornetfish and I found an with its head sticking up above the sand as I swam to the beach. Too bad I could not see enough of the eel to identify it.

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