10 June 2011

Exploring from the Ledge of Turtles

I got to the beach early. The wind was up: maybe 10-15 knots from the East. Seas were 5-6 ft, but manageable. I swam out to the reef, but I could not find the railing. The visibility over the sand was about 2 ft. I surfaced and lined up the pole in the opening, but I still could not find the railing when I descended, so I just headed out at 300 degrees. I went through 250 psi and found the mid-way rocks. Visibility opened up to maybe 10 ft. I continued to the Ledge and found two small Green Turtles swimming over it and a Hawksbill Turtle sleeping underneath an outcropping. I got some shots of the small Green Turtle and a few of the Hawksbill, though only the really close shots were any good. More than 1 ft away, there is too much backscatter. I got some shots of Squirrelfish and Yellowtail Damselfish, then headed off to Shark's Rock. Visibility never got better than 10-15 feet. I was spot on hitting the Rock. Got some pictures, then went back to the Ledge and found the two small Green Turtles. Got some additional pictures then headed down the reef to the railing, to which I swam directly. From there, to the beach and out.

The second dive was much the same, except that I found the railing, so I got a good start and hit the mid-way rocks then the Ledge. Again, the Green Turtles were on the ledge, but there was no sign of the Hawksbill. I went directly to Shark's Rock, but I almost swam past it. I just happened to notice fish milling about to my left so I swam over and sure enough, there was the Rock. I went to the East Rocks, too, then just headed South. I came upon the concrete block coral racks and I found the scientific station, but I did not locate the medieval coral racks. I swam over the the staghorn coral and spent some time cruising through the forest, then swam NW to the sand and to the beach to end the dive.

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