08 June 2011

Finding the Ledge of Turtles and the Medieval Coral Racks

I decided to go to the Ledge of Turtles, so I swam to the reef, found the railing and set out at 120 degrees, but I missed the mid-way rocks and the Ledge of Turtles. The visibility was terrible on the sand: less than 5 ft. It wasn't a lot better on the reef: maybe 15 ft. I stopped when I had burned through 500 psi. I should have made it to the Ledge in 300 psi. I came West a bit, but did not see anything, so I went a bit farther North and came back East. This time, I came up on the backside of the Ledge and found a Hawksbill Sea Turtle sleeping in the Ledge. Got a few pictures, but left the Turtles where I found her and swam around to the front looking for fish to photograph. Found a Squirrelfish. Came back, but the Hawksbill was gone. I headed West to the beach, but over-compensated for the current and ended up almost to Tower 18.

I entered the water at the shower just South of Tower 20 and headed out due East. I saw smatterings of staghorn coral, but not the forest. I swam to the Eastern edge of the reef, then went South a short distance on the sand before turning West. Shortly after I turned, I spotted the medieval coral racks and mountainous small star corals. I kept going West and ran into the forest. Looked for cowries, but did not see any.

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