07 June 2011

Diving the Staghorn Coral Forest

For the first dive, I entered the water in front of the lifeguard tower, swam to the reef and descended. I headed out at 90 degrees, looking for the large rocks I saw before or the large rocks where I photographed the octopus last January. I found neither. I went to the Eastern edge of the reef and came back South, then headed back to the beach. I did see a Pederson Shrimp while swimming South on the ledge and an Indigo Hamlet on the way to the edge, but otherwise did not see much.

The second dive was a little better. Again, I entered in front of the Tower, but this time I swam into the staghorn coral and zig-zagged East to West through the coral as I headed South, generally. I shot got lots of pictures. Saw a French Grunt biting other fish to protect his turf, which was a bit unusual. I got some interesting shots of an Arrow Crab and some yellow zoanthid. I also found an Atlantic Deer Cowrie, but was so intrigued by the animal that I forgot to photograph the really lovely shell it produced and the photos I did shoot are ugly shots of the animal with little definition. I really blew a rare opportunity.

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