11 June 2011

Diving the Fish Camp Rocks with Luis and Dianne

Dianne, Luis and I entered in front of the Tower and swam to the reef on our mark. The wind was less than yesterday and from the West. Seas were calm. We descended and headed out at 90 degrees. I was looking for but did not see the precursor rocks. We swam right to the Furry Rock, however, got some photos and then swam to the Fish Camp Rocks. We Hung around there for a while shooting pictures and exploring, then swam to the Big Coral Knoll. I found a large Green Sea Turtle, but could not get close enough to get a picture. Somewhere on the Knoll, my camera battery died. We headed North from the Knoll and went about 400 psi then turned around to come back. I spotted some rocks that I thought might be South and West of the Knoll, but I was not sure enough of the identification to turn. We continued South and ran into some more rocks. These I recognized and we turned West there. I found a Brittle Star on a Sea Rod, then accidently pulled the Sea Rod out. Shortly after than, I spotted a purple mouth moral eel under a rock and Dianne spotted an Atlantic Guitar fish. I watched it swim away, but without a battery, the camera was of little use. It was a long dive: 115 mintues. Five minutes short of two hours.

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