03 March 2015

Diving the Yankee Clipper Jacks

Got to the beach about 8:00 am. Sun was shining, but
the wind was up. Water looked choppy. I geared up and set up the camera too. Walked to the surf and got in the water. Pretty easy getting out, except the waves pulled line out of the reel and I managed to get it wrapped around my leg as I walked out. Had trouble getting unwrapped, but finally got it. Descended just past the swim buoy and went South a little to the cut-out and took some pictures, including this shot of a Blue Tang

and this shot of a Doctorfish. Went slowly to the East, looking for shells or something to photograph. Not much around. Got to the sand and then to the 3-tiered reef and came up at 61 minutes.

Water temperature was 73 degrees; dive time was 61 minutes; consumption was 24.89 psi/minute at an average depth of 17 feet; SAC rate was 16.42 psi/minute on an aluminum 80.

After an uneventful 5 minute surface interval, I descended to 24 ft on the sand and headed SSW to find the 3-tiered reef and the Jacks. I was also looking for Gaudy Naticas, but I did not find any.

I had gone quite a bit North on the swim out, and it took awhile to get to the Jacks. Got a nice shot of this Initial Phase Redband Parrotfish.
and this shot of a Slippery Dick.

I left the Jacks with just a bit over 1000 psi, which is a little tight. Made it just fine to the white sand at 46 minutes and 400 psi. Swam into 9 ft of water and went up to control the flag line. Came up just South of Tower 1.

Water temperature was 73 degrees per the computer, but I saw 74 degrees several times during the dive; dive time was 51 minutes; consumption was 29.27 psi/minute at an average depth of 16 feet; SAC rate was 19.72 psi/minute on an aluminum 80.

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