04 March 2015

More Dives on the Yankee Clipper Jacks

Got to the beach a little before 8:00 am. Decided not to take the camera this morning. Good call. Large rollers created a significant surge that stirred up the bottom and left visibility at less than 5 feet. I geared up and got in the water, then swam out to the swim buoy and descended. Worked my way South to counteract the current and ended up just North of the Jacks in 25 ft of water.

Water temperature was 75 degrees; dive time was 60 minutes; consumption was 23.28 psi/minute at an average depth of 17 feet; SAC rate was 15.37 psi/minute.

Spent the surface interval hanging above the Jacks. Descended to 25 ft and headed WSW. Explored the Caves area just West of the Jacks. Left with 1400 psi and headed across the sand. Reeled the flag line in when I got to the Algae Patch. Slowed down and burned up some air before leaving the Algae Patch and heading for the beach. Made 62 minutes and surfaced to swim in. Got really bad cramps in both calves and had a hard time swimming, though. Finally made it.

Bottom temperature was 75 degrees; dive time was 62 minutes; consumption was 24.69 psi/minute at an average depth of 15 feet; SAC rate was 16.98 on an aluminum 80.

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