09 January 2015

Solo Dive on the Yankee Clipper Jacks

The weather forecast was for light NW winds, but they were SE at the beach and about 8 knots.  I got in the water and swam out to the swim buoy to descend, but I couldn't see a thing.  Visibility was less than 3 ft in the shallow water.  I headed East and trusted the compass, but there was a varying current, as well.  I swam out to the 3 tiered reef, but I was blowing through gas pretty quickly.  On Wednesday, I had made a 142 minute dive on 3400 psi. Today I only made 109 minutes on the same amount of gas.  I took some pictures, but not many and few of what I took came out.  Too much back scatter.

Horse Conch
Seaweed Blenny and some unknown snail like creature

Slippery Dick

Water temperature was 73 degrees; Dive Time 109 minutes; consumption was 29 psi/minute at an average depth of 17 ft; SAC rate was 19.17 psi/minute; and the RMV was 0.49 ft3/minute.

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