07 January 2015

Solo Dive off Tower 2

I got to the South Beach parking lot at 8:20 am and a lifeguard was opening up Tower 1. Fortunately, he got his running gear and left. I set up my gear, walked to the water and got in.  Swam out on the surface and went down just past the swim buoys, but South of the bearing to the Jacks. Moderate South current, and I couldn't make much headway against it, so I went down where I was and crawled North on the bottom. I then swam East, slowly. I went by some familiar groups of blocks, then seemed to spend the rest of the dive in unfamiliar territory.  I think I was farther North than usual.  I surfaced at about 90 minutes and was Way North of Tower 2.  Anyway, I let myself drift South and ended up coming out just where I wanted to be.  Didn't see a lot of life and didn't get great pictures, but the dive was long.

 Butter Hamlet
Caribbean Spiny Lobster
 Juvenile Queen Angelfish
Saddled Blenny
 Sailor's Choice
 Striped Parrotfish
Spotted Goatfish

Water Temperature was 76 degrees; Dive time was 141 minutes; consumption was 22.82 psi/minute at an average depth of 15 feet, while the SAC rate was 15.37 psi/minute; RMV was 0.40 ft3/minute.

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