02 July 2014

Two Dives on the Big Coral Knoll

Got to the beach early, geared up and got in the water.  Went down at the Sea Rod and then moved slowly East to the blocks.  Went up the gun sight and to the Gray Mid-way Rock.

 Found a Hawksbill turtle along the way and got some pictures.

Turned North to the Perpendicular Rocks and the Big Coral Knoll.

Spotted the Glasseye Snapper but couldn't get a photo.  Also spotted the Rock Hind and got this shot of her.

Also saw the dark fish I have not been able to identify. Didn't get a picture of it either.

Good breathing.  Got 141 minutes of dive time and a RMV of 0.38 ft3/minute.  Not bad.

Patrick brought his father, Bob, along for my second dive. We geared up and got in the water. Bob wanted 14 pounds of weight, which seemed like a lot to me, but he is an AOW Diver.  We headed out towards the blocks and Bob was having trouble keeping his head above water while we were swimming.  Got to checking things and noticed that his BCD was punctured and leaking near the inflater valve.  At first I thought it was the valve, but it was the BCD, itself.  So I called the dive but suggested we swim in under water.  Underwater, Bob did just fine.

We shifted direction and spotted a Green Sea Turtle and I got Patrick's picture with the turtle.  Bob wasn't fast, but he was keeping up and looked more in control.

We headed to the blocks and then up the gun sight to the Cigar Rock where we saw a small Southern Atlantic Stingray getting cleaned.

Then we went to the Gray Mid-way Rock and over to the Big Coral Knoll, where we saw some more turtles.

 Took a turn around the Knoll and saw the Rock Hind out sunning itself.

By this point, Bob was down to 1800 psi, so we turned back and re-traced our steps back to the beach.  Turned out to be a lovely dive with a number of interesting creatures.

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