04 July 2014

Solo Dive to Photograph the Sailfin Blenny dancing at dawn

I got to the beach right at 6:00 am.  I was geared up  and in the water shortly after that.  I descended in about 8 ft of water and swam slowly out towards the Sea Rod.  Never found it, but must have been close since I was only a few kicks North of the rock where I found the Peppermint Shrimp before.  I got to the concrete blocks and found my Sailfin Blenny buddy and just waited for him to do his dance as dawn crept across the reef.  I shot 185 pictures of this blenny and only a dozen have him up with his dorsal fin unfurled.  Some of those are in focus,  but some are not.  Disappointing, really, but try again tomorrow.

Took a few other photos, but just on the way off the reef and to the beach.

This Stoplight Parrotfish being cleaned by a couple of Neon Gobys.

This Post-Larval Porkfish.

and this Seaweed Blenny.

The dive time was 130 minutes and my RMV was 0.42 ft3/minute, which, too, is disappointing.  You'd think I would do really well on my breathing if I just stayed in one place and shot the same shot over and over.  

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