29 June 2014

Two Dives with Leo on the Little Coral Knoll

Met Leo on the beach shortly after 8:00 am.  We caught up and discussed the mapping project.  Decided to measure to the tipped coral on the NW corner of the Knoll and then from the NW corner back to the Big Rock. Agreed to do so in 50 ft segments so we could pull the line tight and maybe do better at holding the bearing. Seemed to work out.  We overshot the outbound measure.  We went 130 from the little rock and probably should have been at 115 to 120 degrees, instead.  On the way back, we went at 130 and came out right in from of the big Rock. Perfect.

Our second dive was just a dive.  We both had our cameras and swam out to the swim buoy.  Descended onto the Big Rock and took pictures, then went to the small rock.
I spotted a Blackbar Soldierfish on the small rock and got this shot, which came out much better than I thought it would.

Got this shot of a Spotted Scorpionfish.
 This shot of a Blue Tang
This shot of what I think is a Graysby Grouper, though its coloring is a little off and it is missing some white spots along the dorsal fin.
This shot of a Juvenile Porkfish.
This shot of a Spanish Hogfish.
This  shot of a Sailors Choice.
And finally this shot of a Red Hind.  We just drifted over the knoll and taking photos.

It got to be noon and we headed back.  Pleasant dive. The Dive time was 122 minutes and my RVM was 0.39 ft3/minute.

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