04 July 2014

Three Open Water Dives with Brandon and Ivan

Luis swam out to join me for the last part of my first dive, but we got out around 8:35 am.  The boys came a little after 9:00 am.  They parked their motorcycles across the street, set up their gear and we got in the water to get them better weighted.  Luis went back to get some more weight for Ivan and one of the condo board members from across the street asked us to get the guys to move their cycles at the end of our dive.  We agreed, but didn't mention it to the boys until we got back.  Brandon went out with 8 pounds while Ivan had 6.  We went down in 8 ft of water and went out on the sand.  Spotted a Sea Robin walking along the sand. Found the blocks and headed up the gun sight to the Gray Mid-Way Rock.  Swam with a Hawksbill Sea Turtle for several minutes and then headed North to the Perpendicular Rocks and the Knoll.  As we got on the Knoll, a little Green Sea Turtle raced over to see us and then followed us for a little bit.  Wish I could have taken a camera.  Ivan got low on air, so we turned and headed back the way we came.  He was also struggling to stay down as his tank got lighter.  I tried to get him to hang on to a rock for some additional negative buoyancy, but he just looked at it then dropped it. Eventually, he got the idea.  Brandon got to the beach with 500 psi while Ivan had a little over 1000 psi. Dive time was 57 minutes.

We got in the water and swam out to the swim buoy to make a 5-point descent, then swam to the SE before we worked through the other skills.  The boys had new tanks, but I ended our first OW dive with 1711 psi and opted to use the balance in that tank for this second dive.  We surfaced to do the tired diver's tow and to take the gear off and replace it at the surface, which took some time.  My computer timed out and ended this dive, so when we went back down, it started a fourth dive.  Dive time was 22 minutes.

After we completed the tired diver's tow and replacing gear at the surface, we swam over to the flag and joined Luis on the bottom.  We headed East and came to the Gray Mid-way Rock, then continued East to the Fish Camp Rocks.  We weren't there very long, but it was interesting.  Brandon was getting low on air, so we headed back. We got to the beach with plenty of air for everyone.  Dive time was 41 minutes.

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