06 July 2014

A Solo Dive to Photograph the Sailfin Blenny Celebrating Dawn

I got to the beach about 5:45 am and geared up.  I was in the water by 6:20 am but wanted to get out to the sea rod before descending.  I couldn't find it and I couldn't fight the surface current, so I just went down.  Things were better on the bottom.  I made my way slowly to the reef, then South to the concrete blocks.  I looked for the little sailfin blenny I have been photographing, but he was no where to be found. I swam around looking for another one, but I could not find any.  Went back to the blocks, and my little guy was there, so I settled in and took a few shots to try and get a good angle.  Then I sat there for well over an hour shooting the blenny every time he would wave his huge dorsal fin.  I ended up with probably 100 shots, of which 18 were good shots of the blenny doing his dance.  These are the four best shots.

I guess the next thing is to shoot video of the whole thing.  I headed back to the beach and found the sea rod this time.  Ended the dive at 151 minutes and a .35 ft3/minute RMV.

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