06 July 2014

Dean and I dive off the beach on the Galt Ocean Mile

Dean Yates owns a condo on the Galt Ocean Mile and invited me to dive the beach there.  We geared up in the parking lot and walked down some stairs to get to the water. Walking down stairs with scuba gear is a lot more difficult than I had thought it would be.

We got in the water and headed out on a 90 degree bearing, but likely got set by the current.  We went over sand, then some small rocks and then came to a really nice area of much larger rocks and lots of sea rods and other plant life, though I could probably never find it again.  We turned South and swam against the current for quite a while, both of us taking pictures and enjoying the dive.

 Found a Barred Hamlet,
 a Blue Tang,
 A Cymothoid Isopod on a Doctorfish,

a Townsend Angelfish,

and a Lionfish.  I really didn't think we had them on the first reef line.

Dean found a mask, but we lost sight of one another on the way back. I couldn't see him but I did spot the mask and was concerned that something must have happened, but we got together quickly and he had only dropped the mask by accident.

The current was difficult and my breathing went from .35 ft3/min to .41 ft3/min.  The dive time was only 123 minutes, but I did have more than fumes left in my tank.  .

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