08 July 2014

Dean and I dive the Clipper Jacks and the Galt Ocean Mile

Met Dean at the South Beach Parking Lot.  We geared up and got in the water.  We swam out to the Jacks and descended, then swam East along the Jacks taking pictures. Got to the East End of the Jacks and turned back to swim along the Jacks. Along the way, we took plenty of pictures.

 This is a Banded Butterflyfish,
a Blue Parrotfish,
a Midnight Parrotfish
a Porcupinefish,
 a Rainbow Parrotfish,
 a Red Grouper,
a Scamp,
a Trumpetfish blowing his own horn,
and a Yellow Jack.

Then a long swim back to the beach.  Dive time was 102 minutes; my RMV was 0.46 ft3/minute.

After the first dive, we went back to Dean's condo and dove off the beach in back.  We swam out on the surface until we spotted some larger rocks and more interesting bottom contour.  We descended and began swimming South, into the North current.  We also moved East some as we went along.  Got lots of pictures.  Too many maybe.

 Got this shot of a Spotted Trunkfish, which apparently lives there.
 This shot of an interesting Split Crown Feather Duster hanging into a small rock window.
 A Hogfish.
And a Barred Hamlet I at first confused with an Indigo Hamlet.

We turned when I got to 1200 psi.  The current had slacked by that time, but we still made good time going back.  I remembered passing a large rock on the way out and went to the surface to confirm that we should head West to the beach when we passed it on the way back.  We ended up a bit South of the condo, but close enough.  Dive Time was 142 minutes; RMV was 0.38 ft3/minute.  Still had air in the tank at the end of the dive.

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