12 July 2014

Dean and I dive the Ledge of Turtles

I got to the beach early and took some shots of the sunrise.  Pretty spectacular.

Dean joined me at 7:00 am.  We geared up and swam out to the reef to look for the Rock Pile.  I thought I was over it, but I could not see the bottom in 16 ft of water.  It was too dark.  We swam South just a bit and descended, but I didn't see the Rock Pile, so we swam North slowly looking for the Rock Pile, but we did not find it.  I surfaced to see where we were, and we were way North, so we headed back South and eventually found the Rock Pile.

From the Rock Pile, we headed up the reef at 120 degrees.  I pointed out the empty Octopus lair and the various surrounding shells.  I was getting nervous because nothing was looking familiar, then I spotted the round brain coral SW of Turtle Rock and I swam back on course.  We got to the Ledge and took pictures

Got this shot of an Ocean Surgeonfish.

 This shot of a Sergeant Major.
This shot of a Sharptail Eel.
 This shot of a Spanish Grunt.

This shot of a Squirrelfish.
This shot of a Yellow Jack.
 This shot of a Yellowline Arrow Crab.  Notice the blue claw.

I started for Shark's Rock, at one point, but I got turned around and ended up back at the Ledge. We swam around the perimeter, but stayed close to the Ledge since it was getting to about 1500 psi.

At 1000 psi, we headed off down the Ledge. Didn't see the Rock Pile on the way back, so we just headed West over the sand and came out at the Tower instead of the entry.  Dive time was 111 minutes and my RMV was .45 ft3/min.

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