07 May 2014

Solo Dive to the Little Coral Knoll

Windy this morning and from the East.  Surf was up.  Visibility was very poor, maybe 8 feet on the reef and only 2 over the sand.  I am surprised I found the Little Knoll in these conditions, but I did.

Found a Green Turtle sleeping on the knoll.  Got some good pictures.

 This wasn't the brightest turtle.  I came back later and he was circling a porous sea rod and seemingly stuck with his body on one side of the rod and his flipper on the other.
I watched to see that he could untangle himself, and he eventually did, but I was beginning to get concerned.


I found a fish I have not seen before, though it may be a young Red Grouper. I just don't remember the tail being a large or well defined as it appears to be in the picture.

I got this picture of a Giant Anemone, but my focus was on the Squat Anemone Shrimp in the middle of the picture and to the right of the anemone.  It might be easier to see on a larger picture.  
 This turned out to be a great shot of a Sergeant Major.  Really fills up the frame.
 This is a Juvenile Dusky Damselfish and is usually identified by a splash of orange on the top.

This is a Butter Hamlet.

Did a lot better on air yesterday, though I had about the same amount of air both days.  Two hours and 7 minutes today and two hours and 17 minutes yesterday. The difference was the surge and current.  

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