08 May 2014

Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles Aborted

The surf was pretty imposing this morning.  A five foot wave looks huge when you are in the trough looking up.  I got out past the breaking waves and swam to the Rock Pile, but the water was choppy and rough. I couldn't see the bottom.  I descended, but still couldn't see anything. Visibility was just inches. I decided I must be close and would just head up the reef at 120 degrees until the visibility got better. Hard to read the compass and maintain my position in the water column. I literally clawed my way East, but the visibility never improved.  Lots of surge. Constant current.  I was working hard and getting no where. I finally decided to give up, so I surfaced and swam back on top where I could see where I was going.  Getting out was rough, I was in 10 feet of water, then I was in 2 feet trying to get my fins off without losing the camera.  Hope its better tomorrow.

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