06 May 2014

Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles

I got to the beach about 8:00 am and got into the water by 8:27 am. I was finishing off a tank with about 750 psi, so I just toured around in the sand between the beach and the reef.  I saw but did not immediately recognize a second of the mantis shrimp like bugs living in holes off Tower 20. Didn't really matter since I had not even taken my camera with me. I stayed near the reef until I had 28 minutes and then came back. Total dive time was 32 minutes.

I surfaced, warmed up a bit, quickly changed tanks and finished my coffee, then got back in for a solo dive to the Ledge of Turtles. I swam out to the Rock Pile and headed up the reef at 120 degrees. Took my camera this time. Hung out on the Ledge with the fish for the most of the dive.

Got some shots of a Brown Chromis that hung out on the coral heads on the East edge of the Ledge.

Got shots of the same reef fish that are usually there, like this Blue Tang
 this Sergeant Major
this Yellowtail Damselfish
these two Spanish Grunts
 and this Three Spot Damselfish.

I also had a Southern Atlantic Stingray swim across the Ledge.

Did well on my air:  .40 ft3 respiratory minute volume and a total dive time of 137 minutes, which is pretty much my longest dive so far this year.      

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