04 April 2014

Another Solo Dive on the Big Coral Knoll

The surf was a little rough this morning, but easy enough to get through.  I swam out to the concrete blocks and descended.  Headed up the gun sight, but got set to the North. I corrected for the current set when I passed Irish Thighs.

 I also took a picture of the little Seaweed Blenny who has been living there for the past week or so.

Ran into a Hawksbill Sea Turtle as I headed up the the Gray Mid-way Rock and got off my bearing as I followed him around taking pictures, but I spotted the Rock and quickly got back on course. Headed North to the Perpendicular Rocks then over to the Knoll.

As I left the Swept Rock and got on the Knoll, I spotted a Cymothoid Isopod attached to a Doctorfish who was swimming by.  Got this shot.

As I headed East along the South edge of the Knoll, I spotted a tiny baby Golden Variation of a Smooth Trunkfish.

Took a lot of pictures and spent a good deal of time following him around.

I was taking a picture of this Spotted Scorpionfish when he started swimming at me.  I moved back several times before he stopped.  I got this picture.

I did well on air:  30 minutes at 2500 psi.  Should have made 2 hours, but I got cold and I spent a lot of time swimming to stay down in the surge.  Any way, I came up 2 minutes shy of 2 hours.

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