05 April 2014

Liz Crane joined Leo, Luis and I for a dive on the Little Coral Knoll

We met at the beach at 8:30 am. The ocean was remarkably calm this morning, so we swam out on the surface and looked for the Little Knoll.  I went to the intersection of the line formed by the telephone pole and the North edge of the Southern building below the tree line and a 120 degree bearing from the Tower.  The Little Knoll was not there.  Luis found it way South of where I thought it was, and we dropped.  Hung out near the knoll for the bulk of the dive. It may seem like I dive the same sites time after time, and I suppose that I do, but I see new and different things on pretty much every dive.

 I saw and managed to photograph several White Grunts "fighting," which I have not seen before. Mostly I see the French grunts going mouth-to-mouth.

 Saw a number of young Blue Tangs like this one.  Notice the yellowing still on its tail.

I like this shot of a Juvenile Queen Angelfish in the Staghorn Coral, but I also got some cleaner shots.

I am always amazed by these Giant Anemones.

Found a Red-tipped Fireworm just off the knoll and followed it around for a bit.

Found a Red Hind who was a little shy, but curious as well.

This was a rather large Split Crown Feather Duster.

Leo got cold early in the dive.  Liz was down to 1100 psi when we turned.  Not far to the beach.  I could have made 2 hours today, but we started back too soon.

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  1. Hi Michael, You are so lucky to get to do this every day! We enjoyed seeing you last month and hope to visit Florida again.