25 February 2014

Another Solo Dive on the Ledge of Turtles

      The ocean was smooth and calm, except for a mild to moderate South Current.  I dropped in 10 ft and swam to the reef.  I was too far South and had to come North a bit to find the Rock Pile.

Shortly after leaving the Rock Pile I spotted this Bandtail Puffer, who paused for a few pictures before tearing off.

I headed out at 120 degrees, but apparently got set to the South.  I missed Turtle Rock and the Mid-Way Rock, but I spotted a doughnut coral head I vaguely recognized and slowly came SW to find the Ledge.

Spent the rest of the dive on or near the Ledge taking pictures, including some of this Red Hind, which is a fish I have not seen before off the beach.

Found a number of Striped Parrotfish on the Ledge

 as well as a number of Redband Parrotfish.

Also found this Intermediate Yellowhead Wrasse on the Ledge

and then found this Juvenile Rock Beauty in the Staghorn Coral just to the Northeast of the Ledge.

I also swam with three Atlantic Spadefish and got this picture of one of them, with the strobe set to light to whole fish.

This time, the water was a little warmer and I was a little better on my air usage and I made the 2-hour dive time, albeit just barely.  I was cold, too, and decided to skip a second dive.

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