27 February 2014

Can't Get Enough Solo Diving on the Ledge of Turtles

      I did not dive on Wednesday.  It was too cold.  It did warm up, but not until after the Lifeguards had taken the Towers and I could no longer get in the water.  I can't imagine why it is so important to them that I not be allowed to enjoy this sport.  I take pictures, I don't kill anything.  I don't swim fast and there is no danger that I will ram another diver.  I carry the impediment proscribed by the fat men in the red leather chairs, so boaters frequently buzz me as I dive and one of these days they will likely run over me, but the Lifeguards enforce this flag rule, too, and it doesn't seem to bother them that the impediment really is a safety hazard.

      Today, I got to the beach before the Lifeguards, so I swam out to the reef and dropped on the Rock Pile, then headed out at 120 degrees, but spotted the doughnut rock after about 20 minutes, so I headed SW and found the Ledge.  

Found the Red Hind I saw Tuesday and got a couple more shots.

 He was not as timid as he was on Tuesday, but he stayed under the rock.

Also got shots of the Yellowtail Damselfish on the Ledge.

Then I headed out over the staghorn coral to Shark's Rock and Sharks Rocks East.  Found  a small school of Rainbow Parrotfish,

some Midnight Parrotfish,

and a small Nurse Shark.

    Swam down to the Nipple Rock and looked around after the rocks there and found a Greater Soapfish.

Got lots of shots, but it was under a rock and several of those shots did not turn out well.  These two were okay.

I went back to the Rock Pile and waited around until I was at 500 psi, then headed for the beach.  Kept things slow and relaxed.  I made two hours and one minute, but sucked the tank dry.  Probably should have hung around and tried for a second dive, but I was exhausted and a little chilled.

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