24 March 2014

Solo Diving on the Ledge of Turtles

The sky was overcast and threatened rain, but I geared up and got in, swam to the reef and spotted the Rock Pile.  I descended and headed out at 120 degrees.  After swimming slowly for about 400 psi, I looked to the NE and spotted the three small corals next to the Sea Plume about 20 feet away, and swam over.  I stopped at the Turtle Rock and the Mid-way Rock, then headed to the Ledge, where I hung out with the fish.  Only spotted one Grunt fight and wasn't able to get a picture.

Got some good shots of the Red Hind I have been seeing for the past couple of weeks, including this one of the Hind being cleaned by a couple of Neon Gobys.

Got this picture of a Squirrelfish

and this picture of a Yellowhead Wrasse.

I got lots of pictures of various Yellowtail Damselfish, but really like this picture of a Golden Variation Yellowtail Damselfish looking head-on.

This Spanish Grunt was hanging around the top of the larger of the two Coral Heads on the East edge of the Ledge.

Check out this picture of a Redband Parrotfish chewing the reef.

This Scrawled Filefish hung around with me for a while.

This little Purplemouth Moray Eel was not coming out from under the coral head.

 My air usage was good at the beginning of the dive, but after 30 minutes I started getting cold, then began shivering and I just could not salvage a 2 hour dive out of what should have been a 130 minute dive.

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