03 February 2014

Two Solo Dives on the Ledge of Turtles and in front of the Pelican Grand

I got to the beach about 8:30 am, geared up and got in.  I descended as soon as I had my flag attached and my mask washed out.  Found a small grappling anchor and short bit of line.  I picked it up and went looking for the Rock Pile.  Dragged a large rock to add to the pile and hid the anchor in the rock pile to pick up on the way back.  The I headed off at 130 degrees.  Tried to take a picture, but the strobe was not working. Reset the aperture and got some pictures.

I see a lot of this Yellow Sponge Zoanthid, lately.  I don't remember seeing it so much last Summer or Fall.

Also see a number of these Foureye Butterflyfish

But not so many of these Trumpetfish.  I like the way they go vertical and pretend to be a sea rod.  Must work sometimes.  They all do it.  

      I continued swimming out to the round symmetrical brain coral.  I remembered seeing it, but I could not recall where.  Finally, I happened to look up the rise and saw the Large Mid-way rock and Turtle Rock.  I swam up to them and then swam on a 120 bearing to the Ledge of Turtles.  Shot some more pictures of the usual stuff:

 Spotted Goatfish,


Spanish Grunts


Juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish

 Yellowtail Damselfish

and Orangespotted Filefish.

Nothing new like the juvenile trunkfish I found on the Knoll, but of course the visibility was really bad today and I may have missed all sorts of things.  Swam back to the rock pile, picked up my anchor and swam in to the beach.  

       I warmed up pretty quickly in the sun.  It was actually hot on the beach.  I was ready to dive within an hour.  I decided not to take the camera on my second dive.  The visibility was too bad and the non-functioning strobe sealed the deal.  I walked around to the Pelican to avoid the Lifeguard and then swam due East to the Ledge.  Killed some time hanging on the reef just before the sand, letting the clock run past 90 minutes.  Then off to the beach.  Might have made a third dive, but I got worried about decompression issues and decided to work that all out before making 3 dives.

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