06 February 2014

Semi-Solo Dive on the Big Coral Knoll

Sue joined me on the beach this morning, though we did not exactly dive together.  She was hunting lobster and covering large distances quickly. I was conserving air and taking pictures.  We met at Tower 17, geared up and swam out to the blocks.  From there, I made my dive up the gunsight and to the Big Coral Knoll. Sue went on to the Fish Camp Rocks and maybe the Eastern Ledge.

I spotted this Intermediate Blackear Wrasse just past Irish Thighs and got this picture.

I got this shot of a Juvenile Porkfish at the Cigar Rock.

 East of the Cigar Rock and still West of the Gray Mid-way Rock, I spotted three Caribbean Reef Squid.  I tried to get close and get some really good shots, but they were too shy and too quick.

 As I passed the Bubble Rocks and before getting to the Perpendicular Rocks, I shot this picture of a school of Porkfish just hanging out in the sea rods.
On the North side of the Knoll, I found this Juvenile Creole Wrasse.  I spent at least 5 minutes and way too much air chasing it to get this shot.

Sue came to check on me at the Knoll and to let me know she was down to 1000 psi and would be heading in shortly.  I completed my tour of the Knoll and surfaced to spot her flag at the Fish Camp Rocks.

I swam over to the Rocks to swim in with her, but I could not find her.  I think she was already on the beach.  I did find a small school of both Midnight

and Rainbow Parrotfish.   I spent some time getting pictures, then headed West to the beach.

 Along the way, I spotted this little Octopus. Though he was out and awake, I could not get him to play.

Just before I passed the blocks, I got a picture of one of the two Blue Gobys who hang out there.

 I had hoped to make a second dive and Sue offered to swim out with me, but I was still cold from the first dive.  Conserving energy and gas means not producing much heat.  I passed on the second dive.

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