17 March 2012

Rescue Class on the Beach

We went through the Missing Diver exercise.  Todd had problems and did not complete the exercise.  I was the victim for Leo and he found me at 9:38:27, not quite flat lined, but close.  Dianne confused the signals and did not complete the exercise.  
After the exercise, we worked through the in-water resusitation procedures with Leo and Dianne.  We also practiced exits. 
Then we went through the rescue scenario.  Dianne was the unresponsive victim on the bottom and Leo found her, brought her up and began administering rescue breaths.

 We were out past the swim buoy and he had to swim her back to the sand bar all the while simulating a rescue breath every 5 seconds.  It was tiring, but he did it. 
 The he played the victim for Dianne, but it did not go so well. 
 She found him and held his regulator in place as she arranged to bring him to the surface. 
She started up and was doing fine, but then got a cramp in her leg.  
I got a picture of her after she dropped Leo and grabbed her own cramping leg.  I went to help her and got her to the surface, then had to find Leo and let him know that the drill was over. 

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