14 March 2012

Solo Diving on the Big Coral Knoll

 Still windy, but the seas calmed down some.  I decided to shoot supermacro and loaded a +10 diopter on the 100 mm macro lens. 
 Got some nice shots of a Sailfin Blenny, but couldn't get him fully unfurled and had way too much backscatter in the picture.
 Did better with a Neon Goby on some Great Star Coral.  Problem here was holding the camera in the surge.
 The picture of the Amphipod was only partly the lens and diopter.  I also cropped the picture.  A lot.
I took the diopter off for the second dive.  It was just too hard to hold and focus the shot in the surge.    
Got some shots of a litttle green turtle on the Big Coral Knoll and a Hawskbill came by about 20 minutes later. 
 Found a Goldentail Moray Eel amoung the coral and got some nice shots of a Yellow Fanworm, but could have used the diopter on those shots. 
 Got a nice close up of some Great Star Coral.
 Also got a few shots of a Yellowtail Damselfish, but those shots are hardly closeups.  Headed West, back to the beach. 

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