18 March 2012

Dianne Completes the Rescue Exercises and We Dive the Big Coral Knoll

Dianne and I got to the beach and Ray Lawson pulled up behind me.  I got him a tank and he made the dive with us.  Dianne wanted to complete the rescue exercises. 
She started with the missing diver exercise.  Ray took the flag and stayed with her.  She watched me go under, but came out too far East to find me.  By the time she found me, I would have flat lined. 
We then swam back closer to the swim buoy and I was her victim for the rescue scenario.  She found me on the bottom, determined I was unresponsive and brought me to the surface. 
She then blew up my BCD to make be buoyant, but she had to do so manually and it was a problem.  She checked for breathing, looked for assistance then administered 2 slow rescue breaths and towed me in while providing one breath every 5 seconds. 
Ray wanted to make the second dive with us, so we returned to the water and headed to the Fish Camp Rocks.  We descended on the reef at the concrete blocks and headed out at 90 degrees.  I took my camer and was shooting with the 100 mm macro lens. 
 We got set to the North and ended up on the Big Coral Knoll, where I shot many of these pictures. 
Ray left for the Dania Swap Meet and Dianne and I made one last dive.  We were both a little cold and certainly tired. 
We got out quickly and swam to the reef where we descended near the concrete blocks.  That was about the last thing I recognized.
I was shooting macro and looking for the Fish Camp Rocks, but never saw them.  I apparently drifted North as we came up well North of where I thought we were. 
 It was an interesting dive and I got some nice pictures, including the following two pictures of a flounder, which Dianne had not seen before.  

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