15 March 2012

Another Morning on the Big Coral Knoll

Excited by the shots I got with the +10 diopter, I tried a +2 and +4 together.  This allowed me better control of the camera and picture composition in the surge and current. 
It seemed also to have reduced the backscatter, though that may simply have been a functions of better visibility and my own decision to delete those pictures of which I could not be proud. 
 Could also be strobe placement.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to isolate the reason that these photos have so little backscatter. 
 I shot a number of shots of Knobby Sea Rods.  This one was the best. 
 I also shot a number of shots of Flamingo Tongues.  Can't seem to capture the animal, just the shell.
 This picture of a Sailfin Blenny came out so much better than the ones I took yesterday.  There is hardly any backscatter in the picture. 
 I like the texture of these Smooth Flower Corals.
I was getting more and more chilled and began shivering after an hour, so I went back to the beach.  The Lifeguards were coming soon, so I had a short surface interval and got back in. 
I was cold almost immediately upon getting in for my second dive, and shivering after half an hour. 
 I'm not sure how this Sea Pearl got embedded in the coral, but I like it. 
 This Saddled Blenny looks sad to me, but the picture is clear and tight.  Shortly after taking the shot, I went back to the beach.  I was just too cold. 

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