13 June 2011

Solo on the Little Coral Knoll

No wind. Nor surf. Just flat seas. Unfortunately, there is a haze only 25 ft out. I swam out at 90 degrees and ran into a rock with 3 Lionfish on it. Turns out that I was on the rock just East of the swim buoy in front of Tower 15. I swam back on the surface and descended over the reef. I found some concrete blocks and the 5 gallon bucket. I swam at 150 degrees and found the Little Coral Knoll. I surfaced and made it 270 degrees back to the entry point. I explored the reef and got some photos, including a few photos of a Scamp that seemed very curious about me and not all that afraid. He would swim right up to me and watch me while I photographed the reef. He did not like but seemed to accept the strobe flash. I spent most of my air on the Knoll, then swam 270 degrees and looked for markers. I got lost on the way back and ended up just swimming to the beach.

Using my 90 degree bearing measurement, I tried to find the Little Coral Knoll, but could not. I tried running a U-Pattern search, but that did not find it, either. I think in retrospect that I was set too far North by the current and was just looking in the wrong spot. When my tank got down to 1000 psi, I surfaced and found myself almost to Tower 17.

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