14 June 2011

Another Solo Morning on the Little Coral Knoll

The morning was gorgeous. Clear skies, no wind and no surf. I tried once again to find the Little Coral Knoll by swimming out on a 90 degree bearing. This time, I ran into the 5 gallon bucket, turned 150 degrees and found the knoll about 2 mintues later. A Scamp, maybe the one from yesterday came up to see me, but got spooked by the strobe. He came back a few times, but never got really close. I found Flamefish, Spotted Goatfish, a Purplemouth Moray Eel and even a Queen Angelfish. Nice dive. Towards the end, I headed 270 degrees to the sand and found the same marks that I found yesterday: two concrete blocks tied together with a long line and the white rock I laid up next to a vase sponge.

Having proved to myself that the marks were where and what I remembered, I tried once more to find the Knoll by swimming out at 90 degrees, but the result was similar. I ended up seeing the three joined concrete blocks and a fourth nearby that I pass as I come 150 degrees from the 5 gallon bucket. I swam out to the bucket to be sure, but it was there, so I turned to 150 degrees and again swam to the Knoll. Not much of a current, so I do not understand the current set being so much, but I cannot otherwise explain what happens.

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