17 June 2011

Open Water Class at the Little Coral Knoll

I have a class of six open water students, but only three of them dove with me last Sunday and now the other three are catching up. We met at the beach and geared up, the entered the water at the main entry, but descended early and swam out on the sand so the students could easily equalize. We also ended up being set well off our 90 degree mark. I wandered around for the entire dive hoping to find something I recognized. I never did. I did find a tiny knoll, but it was not The Tiny Knoll, though I only discovered that when I sped off to the North and failed to come to the Little Coral Knoll. We were half way to Tower 16, but came back right to the point of entry.

So on the second dive, we swam out on the surface 90 degrees from the main entry. We descended and swam into the Porthole Rocks. From there I navigated 55 degrees to the Little Coral Knoll. We explored the Knoll for a bit, then went 90 degrees out and back. On the second trip to the Knoll, I saw the Scamp from this morning and got some pictures. We then swam out to the Porthole Rocks and then 90 degrees to the entry point.

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