16 June 2011

More Diving on the Little Coral Knoll

No wind and calm waters. I got to the beach early and headed for the Little Coral Knoll. I tried the 90 degree bearing from the main entry, but ended up at the 5 gallon bucket. I headed 150 degrees from that point to the Knoll. I explored some and took pictures, then headed North to find the Tiny Coral Knoll we encountered last night. It was due North and not that far. Next I swam out to the SW and found the Porthole Rocks, which are not that big but they are built like a cat's playhouse. I spent some time tracking the 155 degree bearing to the rocks from the single rock on the NW of the Knoll. They are about 80 kick cycles from the Knoll and 90 degrees from the main opening on the beach.

On the second dive, I went out at 90 degrees, but not only missed the Porthole Rocks, but missed the Little Coral Knoll, as well. I surfaced and positioned myself E and S of the swim buoy and found the Knoll. I swam out to the Porthole Rocks, but got lost coming back. Ended up finding the concrete square just South of the Knoll and then found the Knoll from there. Got some nice pictures of a Spanish Hogfish and a Queen Angelfish.

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