18 May 2011

Luis Returns and We Dive Off Tower 17

Luis has been on vacation in Hawaii, but did not get to dive. Our first dive is to the Fish Camp Rocks. We swim out from the Lifeguard Tower and descend over the reef. We then swim at 90 degrees but encounter a Hawksbill Sea Turtle almost immediately and swim with her considerably South, then North and East. I long since gave up holding a bearing. We spotted a second Hawksbill and followed her, as well. We are with her for a while. Of course my camera is not working. The battery is apparently dead, even though it worked just fine when I took the test shot at the truck. We stop following the second turtle and try to figure out where we are. I decide we can go to the Ledge then go North to find our mark, but it is unnecessary. I see fish schooling and swim to investigate. I find one of the precursor Fish Camp Rocks and we swim on in. The big Nurse Shark is not there today, but a much smaller shark is under one of the earlier rocks. I also find a fire worm and a speckled hermit crab. Then we head for the Big Coral Knoll and run into a little Green Sea Turtle who allows us to get very close. Its a great dive. Wish I had gotten pictures.

Luis left to fill out a job application. I replaced the battery in my camera. Dianne and I then made a second dive. We went to the Fish Camp Rocks then over to the Big Coral Knoll and North a ways looking for turtles. We did not find any. I did find a Goldentail Moray Eel on the Knoll and a juvenile yellowtail damselfish, but not much that was unusual.

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