17 May 2011

Back to the Fish Camp Rocks

Running even later this morning than yesterday. I geared up, swam out and descended in about 10 feet of water. Headed to the Fish Camp Rocks in a moderate current. I got disoriented and missed my marks. Spotted the Furry Rock. Swam to the Fish Camp Rocks and spotted the Nurse Shark where she was yesterday. Also found a Speckled Hermit Crab. Headed over to the Big Coral Knoll and found what I think is a Yellowheaded Jawfish. First one I have seen.

Switched tanks and got back in the water. Lifeguards will be here soon. I descend in 10 feet of water and try to hold 100 degrees out to the reef, but end up overcompensating. Get back on mark and swim out at 90 degrees to find the Fish Camp Rocks. I swim right to them. The Nurse Shark is still there and I find another hermit crab. This time, I get some good video of the crab crawling out and righting his shell.

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