16 May 2011

Solo Off Tower 17

I was running late, so I dropped to the sand in about 10 feet of water and swam out on the 100 degree bearing, except that when I surfaced at the reef I was well North of where I wanted to be. Need to keep doing this until I can adjust for current. I changed to 90 degrees at the reef and swam out slowly. I ran into what appears to be an older Hawksbill Turtle. The back of the carapace is torn as if something bit it or maybe a propellor struck it. This turtle also had 3 barnacles on its carapce. I found the precursor rocks and the Fish Camp Rocks. Lots of Midnight Blue Parrotfish and I found a large Nurse Shark under one of the Eastern rocks. Swam over the the Furry Rock and found a second Hawksbill on the way back. Headed back to the beach.

Second dive was just like the first except that I missed the Fish Camp Rocks. I spotted the furry Rock and found them that way. The Nurse Shark was back were I first saw her. I went to the Big Coral Knoll. Found a purplemouth Moray Eel when I was leaving. Also got some good shots of a Yellowtail Damselfish that flirted with the camera.

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