22 December 2014

Solo Dive on the Little Coral Knoll

I changed the battery in my computer, so it was working just fine.  I got to the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park about 8:40 am and parked a little closer to the gate. I geared up and walked down, but a woman said the gate was locked and it was only 8:53 am, so I waited. Then I also noticed that only one side was locked. The other side was held in place by a pin, but I lifted the pin, opened the gate and went through. Walked to the water and got in.

Swam out to the swim buoy.  Visibility was okay and I could see the Big Rock, so I  descended and swam to it. From there, I went South to the smaller rock, then 130 degrees to the knee high coral, the dead sea rod, and I saw a little green turtle swimming by as I approached the sand sea.  I crossed, found the group of dead rods and went South to the counterweight.  From there, I went  at 130 degrees and tried to compensate for the current.  Found the bare rods, the two rocks North of the Dog Rock and the red and green coral.  I continued on the 130 degree bearing and found the little knoll. Explored a bit to the East, then headed over to the Porthole Rocks, which are about to lose their porthole. Came back and explored to the East some more then I was down to 1000 psi so I headed back the way I came and swam in to the beach. Saw several eels and a large blenny I did not recognize.

I bought a new camera and it's here, but I need to set it up and I really need to get it insured.  

Water temperature was 75 degrees; Dive Time was 104 minutes; consumption rate at an average depth of 18 feet was 17.00 psi/minute; SAC rate was 17.47 psi/minute; RMV was .45 ft3/minute.

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