25 December 2014

Anna-Kaisa Rantanen and I dive the Yankee Clipper Jacks

I met AK in the South Beach Parking Lot.  We geared up, got in the water and swam on the surface out to the swim buoy.  There appeared to be a South surface current from the North wind, but the current was headed North on the bottom.  We swam East, but the bearing was 300 degrees to adjust for current set.  We ended up right at the Jacks.  Had a nice leisurely swim along the South side of the Jacks and came back most of the way on the North side, but there weren't many fish on the North side, so we crossed over.  Then swam into the beach.  AK had just enough air and I was down to 500 psi when we got there.

Water temperature was 75 degrees; Dive Time was 95 minutes; consumption rate at an average depth of 16 feet was 28.18 psi/minute; SAC rate was 18.98 psi/minute; and RMV was 0.49 ft3/minute.

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