20 December 2014

Han Simpson's First Two Open Water Dives

Han was a little late getting to my apartment, then I missed the turn into Ryan's. Actually, the construction crew had blocked it off and I needed to enter at the Park Tower Building, then drive next door to Ryan's. Eventually, we got there.

Ryan was ready and wanted to hunt lobster. Han was a little under the weather, still, I think. He didn't have much to say. We got geared up and walked down the driveway, across the street and got into the water. Ryan and Han both wear booties and have open heel fins. They finned up on the beach and walked backwards through the surf. Of course, Han fell down. Tide was low, so they had a ways to walk, but. eventually, we all got into deeper water, where I finned up.

I decided to take Han in along the sand on this first dive, and we descended in about 8 feet of water. We headed East and at least started out on the 100 degree bearing. I found a familiar area and turned South, assuming we had missed the blocks because of current set, and we had. We found them and then headed up the gun-sight, over-compensated and ended up a little South of the Gray Mid-way Rock, but I found that, too. We ended up at the Big Coral Knoll, though we went in East of the Perpendicular Rocks. Ryan wanted to chase lobster and did catch one. Han and I swam around trying to get him more relaxed and calmer in the water. I turned the dive when Han got to 1500 psi, but we stopped just past the blocks and went through most of the skills before swimming into the beach. Bill Evans was on the Tower. My computer stopped. Dead battery, I hope. Estimated times

Took about an hour for our surface interval. I brought tomato Soup, which tasted really good.  Then we geared up and got back in. Again, both Ryan and Han finned up at the beach before entering the water. Tide was really out this time and they had a really long walk backwards into the surf. This time, when we got to deeper water, we swam on the surface to the blocks, then descended and headed up the gunsight to the Fish Camp Rocks, where Ryan left us to chase lobster. Han and I swam out to the Ledge and down to about 35 feet where we practiced taking the gear off and putting it back on. He did fine. We swam back, picked up Ryan and headed back in to the beach. This time I was cold by the end on the dive.   .

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