05 August 2014

Solo Dive on the Little Coral Knoll

Just could not get going early in the morning, but I did make it to the beach for one dive.  I parked right across from the entry.  Geared up and got in.  Swam out to the Big Rock, then swam over to the smaller rock and headed 120 degrees past the knee high coral, over the counter-weight over to the Dog Rock and then to the knoll at 110 degrees.  Got lots of pictures with lots of backscatter.  I'm still cleaning them up.

Got this shot of an Almaco Jack,
this shot of a Green Sea Turtle,
this shot of a Speckled Hermit Crab just coming out of his shell,
 this pulpit shot of an Ocean Surgeonfish on the Big Rock,
 this shot of a Queen Angelfish,
this shot of a Red Hind,
this shot of a Redband Parrotfish,
and this shot of a Yellowtail Snapper.

Dive Time was 135 minutes; RMV was 0.40 ft3/minute. Little high, but I skipped a day of diving.

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