06 August 2014

Solo Dive on the Big Coral Knoll

Today I actually got up early and got to the beach a little after 6:00 am.  Geared up and got in the water, had to wade out quite a ways to get to chest deep water, then went under and slowly made my way in the near dark to the blocks.

I found and photographed this large shell, which was the size of a large Conch Shell, but reminded me of a Welk.

Unlike a Conch, this animal moved on a large, flat foot instead of pushing off with a small foot.

Wasn't sure about being set, so I surfaced to see where I was, and I was just slightly North of where I needed to be.   Found the blocks and headed up the gun sight to the cigar rock and the Gray Mid-way Rock, then headed North with the current over the perpendicular rocks.

At the Perpendicular Rocks, I found and photographed a small Nurse Shark, who was resting under the North edge of the Rock.

From the Perpendicular Rocks, I swam up to the Swept Rock and the Knoll.  I made several laps around the Knoll taking pictures.

I got this shot of the Rock Hind who has taken up residence among the large rocks on the North edge of the Knoll.

I got this shot of a Purplemouth Moray Eel in the coral along the Northwest edge of the Knoll.

I found this Hawksbill Sea Turtle just North of the Swept Rock where the French Grunts and lots of small fish frequently clean larger fish.

Got this shot of a Seaweed Blenny on the South edge of the Knoll just South of the large rocks where I had photographed the Rock Hind.

Got this shot of a small green crab in the coral and rocks just off the Knoll and a bit further East along the Southern edge of the Knoll.

  My first dive is usually a little rough, but the water was warm and I was breathing well.  My dive time was 154 minutes and RMV was 0.36 ft3/minute.  

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