03 August 2014

Luis and I Miss the Clipper Jacks

Luis and I went to the South Beach parking lot to dive the Clipper Jacks.  We geared up and swam on the surface on a 100 degree bearing holding the black lamp post in the edge of the red bricks on the fire house.  We never saw the Jacks.  We swam for 30 minutes and eventually decided to drop and swim SW.  Luis tells me I was swimming due South, which is likely as I tend to swim into the current.  We swam and swam.

I found some Spotted Cleaner Shrimp and took pictures.  

 I also found this Bearded Fire Worm,
 these Christmas Tree Worms,
this Juvenile Gray Angelfish,
and this Rock Beauty.
We ended up well South of the life guards jurisdiction, but swam North towards Tower 2 to exit.  The water was deeper to the South and there was some interesting formations, but not much life.  A Life Guard on a paddle board instructed us that once inside the swim area we were to swim directly to the beach and exit.  So we did and then walked to the vehicles.

The sky was overcast and I was tired.  We swam a lot on that dive and I was ready to quit. Dive Time was 111 minutes and my RMV was 0.44 ft3/minute.

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