20 August 2014

Solo Dive on the Clipper Jacks

Up early this morning to change the battery in my Suunto transmitter and clear and reset the ID so I could track my tank pressure.  It took a while, but I got it done.  Packed up and headed to the beach.  There were caution cones reserving the section where I usually park, so I parked a bit to the South and hoped I could get out when the time came.  Geared up at the truck and found mold growing in the nose of my mask.  Yuk.  A lot of mold considering I dove on the 16th.  Yuk.  Cleaned it out then swam on the surface to the Jacks.

I descended at the first Jack and headed East to the others, then East along the Jacks taking pictures.

Atlantic Spadefish.
Haven't identified this fish yet.
 Nurse Shark
Queen Parrotfish
 Rainbow Parrotfish
 Sand Diver
Smallmouth Grunt.

Spotted two snorkelers who had apparently come out on a kayak.  Also saw a spear fisherman who came by in scuba gear dragging a flag and a bag for his kill.  I have no idea what he was hunting.  All I saw was reef fish.

Been out of the water 4 days and my breathing was not so good.  Dive Time was 142 minutes and RMV was 0.39.ft3/minute    Last Wednesday  my RMV was 0.33 ft3/minute.

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