16 August 2014

Leo and I dive the Clipper Jacks

Met Leo at 7:30 am in the South Beach parking lot.  We geared up and walked to the water.  We swam out on the surface staying on the 100 degree bearing with the edge of the Fire House Chimney in line with the black light pole from the lot.  16 minutes into the swim, I spotted the single Jack.  A group of guys in a boat anchored right on the tip of the Jacks, but we were close anyway.  Went East along the Jacks and back, then spent another 20 minutes taking pictures before heading back to the beach.

Ran across several Atlantic Spadefish during the dive. This turned out to be my best shot.

I really like the attitude from this Gray Snapper and the single visible tooth in its mouth.
 Its hard to get close enough to these Midnight Parrotfish to get the strobe on them.  Without the strobe, however, they look a bit washed out and the picture seems grainy.
 I like this picture of a Nurse Shark.  This one was truly timid.  We were swimming towards one another and when it saw me it immediately changed direction and got out of my way.
This shot is a Queen Parrotfish.
I have often tried to get a good shot of a school of fish but have seldom been successful.  I am usually shooting a 100 mm macros lens.  This picture came out surprisingly well.
This was an adult Spotted Trunkfish.

My computer did not synch with the transmitter, again, so I could not read my tank pressure.  Nevertheless, we turned the dive at about 100 minutes and headed back to the beach.  I hooked the flag line on the swim buoy and had to surface to clear it.  I swam in the rest of the way on the surface.  Dive Time was 128 minutes, but we did a lot of swimming.

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