13 August 2014

Solo Dive on the Little Coral Knoll

I got up and took the dog for a walk, then got distracted on the internet and it was time to leave.  I raced to pack my camera, my dive bag and get my drinks.  Got to the beach late.  I geared up only to discover that the computer was not connected to the transmitter.  I decided to dive anyway.  I'd just monitor my time rather than the tank pressure.  I actually had quite a long dive at 161 minutes, but I have no idea how much gas I started or ended with, so no Respiratory Minute volume calculation.

It was dark when I started and the current set me to the North quite a bit.  I missed the swim buoy and had to swim back to find the Big Rock.  From there I swam out to the smaller rock and then headed for the knoll, passing the knee high coral and the counter-weight.  Then I was lost.  I continued swimming at 120 degrees, but decided I must have gotten set to the North again and passed the knoll.  I headed South a short ways, then turned West and swam right up the backside of the knoll.  Hung out at the knoll taking pictures and watching the fish.

 Got this shot of a Bluestriped Grunt,
this shot of the painted face on a Highhat,
this shot of the steely eyed determination of a Sand Diver,
 this shot of a timid two spot Cardinalfish,

and this shot of a Yellowfin Mojarra.

At 120 minutes, I headed back to the smaller rock and finally the beach.  Took my time and still seemed like I had good air, but I was pushing things to get back in the water by 9:30 am.  Indeed, by the time I got out and back to the truck, those brave representatives of the Nanny State were on the Tower and ready to substitute their lack of knowledge and experience for my 50 years of diving. Since I didn't have a 10 year old kid to drag along with me, they'd prevent me from diving.  Save me from myself.  Cocksuckers, and I don't mean that in a good way.  

Dive Time 161 minutes.

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