30 August 2014

Jack Holt's Open Water dives on the Clipper Jacks

Jack came to the apartment a little before 7:30 am and we loaded up and headed for the shop to fill tanks.  The shop wasn't open yet, so we started reviewing Chapter 4 & 5 while we waited.  Hugh came at 8:00 am and we filled tanks, then headed for the beach. Nice morning.  We geared up and got in the water.  We moved slowly through the algae patch and I stopped on the sand to go through the skills. Jack performed each skill satisfactorily, then we headed East to the reef, but did not get all the way to the Jacks.  By the time we actually got out of the water and back to the truck, it was too late to make a second dive.  Leo was meeting us on the beach with the father/daughter DSD pair, so while we waited for them, Jack and I went over the decompression tables some more, including working out the first two of the six extra problems. Dive Time was 68 minutes.  My SAC rate was 17.48 psi/minute and my RMV was 0.46 ft3/minute.

When Leo got to the lot, the DSD students were with him.  We all geared up and walked out to the beach, but it quickly turned into a disaster.  There was some surf and the daughter panicked in the water.  She had trouble getting her fins on and in fact lost a fin.  I looked for a few moments, but visibility was terrible and she was still upset, so we got out and made our way back to the truck with the help of some guys who were just on the beach. Leo stayed and actually found the fin, but gutted the father's BCD.  The father/'daughter took Leo's car back to my apartment and picked up their own car.  Leo, Jack and I swam out to and dove the Jacks.  We saw lots of fish, but nothing really exciting. Neither Leo nor I took a camera as we had students, so I have no pictures to post.  I swam behind Jack and he seldom kicked.  He seemed content to use his arms to swim. Still, he did well on air and was pretty good on his buoyancy. Dive Time was 120 minutes, but could have gone another 30 minutes easily.  My SAC rate was 12.18 psi/minute and my RMV was 0.31 ft3/minute.

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